Viennese-born Christiano Tekirdali’s career began in 1985 as a photographer for the news publication Profil,
which saw him involved in portraiture, ranging from politicians to personalities such as Elfriede Jelinek
or Miles Davis. In 1989 he transferred to the monthly magazine Wiener, which marked his shift towards
lifestyle and fashion photography. Finally in 1995, Tekirdali opened his own studio. The wide gamut of work spans
from fine art to fashion and beyond, incorporating creative concepts for advertising clients, as well as celebrity
and corporate portraiture. The inspiration for his personal work stems from his insatiable desire to shoot and create
new visions in fashion and portrait photography. Most recently, Tekirdali’s passion for music has seen him capturing
protagonists of Vienna’s electronic scene. He considers Vienna both his home and the object of his photographic inspiration.